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Excellent ! You found DJ Mix Pro cool and you want to register.

Here is how to proceed:
Click below to be transfered and to register on Paypal secured site.
This is a well known paying service provider that allows to order securely online with a credit card.

Once ordered, you will immediately receive by email your license key .
Also see https:/ /www.paypal.com if you still have fears about ordering with a credit card on the net or just want to know Paypal's answers to the following questions :

How does your security work?

Is it safe to use my credit card on the Internet?

Who am I buying the software from?


License installation procedure.

click here to see the license installation procedure or license installation troubleshooting.


Antispam warning (junk mail filters, ...)

Some antispam products do move the djmixpro license email from the inbox to the junk mail folder.

If you are using antispan system and don't turn it off before ordering, please check in the junk mail or thrash folders before complaining you didnt receive the license.

Registration policy

Registering DJ Mix Pro gives you the following benefits :

You receive your license key immediately

You have no longer number of beatlock mixes limitation.

You can save your mixes to hard disk

You can update DJ Mix Pro anytime using the same license key

And of course our best regards for supporting our work.