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Frequently asked questions

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Does DJ Mix Pro support Windows Vista, Windows Seven, Windows 8, Windows 10 ?

Yes. DJ Mix Pro works fine on all versions of Windows, including the current one.

If I register, how do I receive the program ?

You already have the program. What is missing you is a license key that you need to enter in the program.
You will receive this key by email within a few hours, this is why it is mandatory to have an email. License key is never sent by post mail.
The license key you receive by email MUST be saved on a media so that in case you loose your harddrive you don't loose DJ Mix Pro license too.

Can I burn the mixes to CD ?

Yes, but this can be done but using the registered version only.
You usually do this in two steps.
First you save the sound to *.wav file(s), by checking the "Save sound to file" in the Options window, tab "Sound output options" (this you cannot do with the demo version).
Then, you must use YOUR CD burning program to burn the wav files to an audio CD.

If I register, will I receive the program updates ?

No we don't send you the updates, but you can update yourself. You just have to download the latest demo and apply your license key.

What is different in the registered version ?

Only a few but very important things :
Registered version is unlimited in number of beatlock mixes it performs, while tryware version will perform only ordinary mixes after 10 th mix.

Registered version does beatlock analysis for every song (and thus shows BPM).Tryware version stops to perform beatlock analysis after 10 songs have been analyzed, so you will see BPM only for the 10 first songs.

Registered version allows you to dump played sound to wav files to make music CDs. You cannot with the tryware version.

A major feature I'd like in the product is missing. Will it appear in the next version ?

You first have to submit the idea ( write to newfeatures.nospam at djmixpro dot com with “DJ Mix Pro feedback” as subject). If we like your idea we might put it in the product soon. But we cannot guarantee it will be in the next version. Check the changes list to stay informed.

Can I read CDs with DJ Mix Pro ?

No, you cannot read audio CDs with DJ Mix Pro.
Yes, you can read data CDs holding *.mp3 or *.wav files. It mainly depends your CD ROM speed. Try it ...

I've bought DJ Mix Pro on the Paypal site but I didn't receive my registration key after one hour.

Allright. Something has gone wrong since the process is automatic. Email is sent immediately at the time you order.
Did you confirm at the end of the ordering screens ? Check your order status with Paypal.
Did you provide good email address ? This is essential to send you the license key.
Write an email to licenses administration ( write to licenses at djmixpro dot com with “DJ Mix Pro license issue” as subject) to ask for a resend of your license key and we will sent it to you again (this time, processing may take one business day).

What type of files can Video Mix Pro read ?

Same files as DJ Mix Pro plus all audio and video codecs ( H264, divX, mov, QuickTime, ogv, mp4, mkv, mpeg...) .