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DJ Mix Pro Changes List

Here are the last changes :

Version 4.0.85.x

Fixed program not starting when Windows not in english

Version 3.0.84.x

unicode drag drop fixed

mixing profiles added

fixed regression playing without directX (

fixed regression setting preloaded song start position (

added visuals for setting preloaded song start position (

fixed regression setting master volume on startup (

fixed regression on beats zones visuals (

fixed incompatibilities with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (

Version 3.0.83.x

Fixed some key mappings.

Version 3.0.82.x

Fixed database list focused item after search.

Fixed F3 = stop shortcut.

Migrated to microsoft compiler V11.

Version 3.0.81.x

Internal refactorings.

Version 3.0.80.x

Internal refactorings.

Version 3.0.79.x

Switched language files to UTF8.

Added find duplicates command for playlist.

Added 2 hidden columns in playlist for songs BPM difference .

Hardened saving to file to be atomic (all or nothing) to prevent possibility of corrupted files saved.

Version 3.0.78.x

Fixed crash when saving long playlists to files ( .

Fixed unpause not starting regression ( .

Fixed memory and handle leak regressions (3.0.78.c) .

Displaying pictures from id3 tags in player windows.

Added move to top/to bottom menu item.

Changed sort by bpm to sort only playlist selection instead of whole playlist.

Restored mp3 save to file recording broken in 64 bits.

Build 77

replaced flying windows by deck A deck B mode (option).

Build 76

Added a locate in playlist function in database.

Build 75

changed installer.

switched to 64 bits code.

Build 74

Fixed a crash when setting limits on several files.

Added and fixed a few accelerators and shortcuts.

Fixed a crash when dragging in prelisten mode during mix.(74c)

Build 73

Demo limit is now 20 mixed instead of 10.

Fixed wav tagging.

Fixed pause and stop not working on songs without fadeout. (73c)

Added ability to export playlist as m3u. (73c)

Fixed secure mode not needed inside prelistener windows. (73c)

Fixed secure mode not needed inside quicklistener windows. (73d)

Build 72

Incorporated mp3 encoding engine .

fixed stack overflow.

fixed crash while handling wma read error (72b).

updated german language (72e).

fixed minor scratch sometimes heard on very beginning of mix (72e).

allowed selection of cbr rate when saving to mp3 files (72f).

Build 71

fixed songs volume not saved .

fixed dsp plugin not working.

fixed soung stuttering on windows 7.

switched to modern compiler and runtime.

Build 70

added feature to enforce 8bits tags decoding using locale ( even if this is against spec).

added song limit using a fixed length.

Build 69

updated languages German and Dutch.

fixed stack overflow when numbuffers too small.

fixed fatal error when play out of sync.

Build 68

normalization is done through replaygain algorithm at beatlock analysis time.

flac files support.

24 bits sound output for computers having a 24 bits soundcard.

internal proecessing on sound is now done on 24 bits samples.

help files should display directly in the correct language if available.

fixed broken wma decoding and tagging (68b).

fixed file re-saving issues on NTFS (68c).

added diagnostic command line option --checkfiles (68c).

Build 67d

Added nomad mode.

Fully updated english user guide.

Fixed broken player widdow shortcut keys.

Fixed a lot of memory leaks.

Build 66

Better support for computer with multiple monitors. No more out of screen windows.

Added option to store start end end of mix in beats (build 66b).

Added option to check for duplicate songs in playlist (build 66b).

Build 65

Added optional more timing information.

Fixed directX playback in error.

Better support for windows 7 and vista. Should not require to run as administrator anymore. ( using recommended application data folders for data files)