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DJ Mix Pro Changes List

Here are the last changes :

Version 4.0.9.x

Fixed some videos not playing when starting with black for seconds

Huge performance enhancements, now supports mixing 4K videos

Upgraded to ffmpeg 4.2.1

Supports new codecs such as vp8, vp9 , hevc, av1

Display feedback when out of memory playing 4k videos(

Version 4.0.8.x

Fixed video mixer change not taken into account on opened windows

Added 4 new video mixers, now 8 video different mixers overall

Version 4.0.7.x

Fixed bad aspect ratio in auto cropped videos

Allowed fullscreen mode even in demo

A little bit more documentation

Version 4.0.6.x

Fixed program not starting when Windows not in english

Version 4.0.5.x

Fixed missing visual effects files making program crash when displaying effects

Packaged a 64 bits version for Windows 64 bits

fixed incompatibilities with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (

Version 4.0.4.x

Fixed sound stuttering when new song windows pops up

Fixed bad windows positionning on high DPI displays

Fixed crashes when playing non video files

Version 4.0.3.x ( beta)

Added visual effects as video replacement for music without video ( or as replacement if you prever visuals more than the video)

Version 4.0.2.x

Added Videos Tagging support

Visual effects still not yet integrated

Version 4.0.1.x (alpha)

Added video window in windowed or fullscreen mode

Added video display in players

Added video decoding capabilities

Added video options tab

Added video properties tab

Added a few video mixers

Visual effects not yet integrated