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We suppose you all know what stop rewind, play, pause and forward are supposed to do, so we will not explain them.

One subtle thing about the rewind and forward buttons :
Once a song BPM is known, the interval unit is exactly one beat. Otherwise, this interval unit is half a second.

By using just left click, you move by 10 seconds

By using shift and left click, you move by 8 interval units

By using control and left click, you move by one interval units

By using alt and left click, you move by 1/8 interval units

Song position : current playing position in the song

Song pitch : the increase or decrease of the music tempo, which is used to allow tempos to match when doing a mix.

Reset pitch : put back pitch to 100%

Note : You normaly do not have to use these last 3 controls by yourself. You had rather let DJ Mix Lite do that for you whenever it performs a Beatlock mix.

Note 2 : a special mode called secure mode disables all the previous controls to protect against sound stopping.

Song volume : the volume used for this song in the master's output. Usually set to 50% to avoid sound saturation during mixes (but may depend on the song detected volume if using automatic volume match) .

Instant beat match : you may see the beats of the music whenever Beatlock information is available for this song.

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