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Program's main dialog

main screen map

The main dialog is used to control your songs playlist.

In the menu, you may find the same commands as on the icons plus 4 extra commands in the action menu.
What you do not actually see are the background activities such as beatlocking.

What you do see in the playlist :
The playlist contains at four columns : the song title, the song BPM ( or Beatlock status) , the availability of a Beatlock mix and the artist name.

Beatlock analysis, when performed on a song, determines the song's beat positions, BPM and volume level.
This is done automatically in the background, you do not have to bother about beating on your keyboard.
Whenever the computation of a song beats by the Beatlock analysis is over, the BMP is automatically displayed in the playlist.
Beatlock mix (beat matching mix) becomes possible whenever one song and the next song in a row are succesfully Beatlock analysed, and are BPM compatible (10% of tempo difference or less, configurable in the options dialog) as well. This what is shown in the mix column.

Commands from the icons or menus :

Master volume : volume to be applied on master output. You should not touch it but rather the windows mixer wave output and volume control.

Delete song(s) : deletes all selected songs from the playlist. Also make songs' dialogs disappear if they are loaded.

Move up song(s) : Shift all selected songs one row up. You can also directly drag songs up in the list.

Move down song(s) : Shift all selected songs one row down. You can also directly drag songs down in the list.

Song properties : Open the song properties dialog. You get more information selecting one song at a time, but it can be convenient for you to select several songs at the same time and open the song properties dialog to apply properties on more than one song.

Next song : starts next song on main sound output , trying to perform a Beatlock mix (load next, pitch in/out, fade in next, fade out current, unload current, reset pitch on next) if possible. Otherwise, does a standard mix.

Note : there is a way to start the selected song instead of the next song. Control key + left click on next song icon : does the full Beatlock mix with the selected song.

Double left click on any song in the playlist : stops current song and starts double clicked one.
Note : a special mode called secure mode disables this feature to protect against sound stopping.

Note : the playlist is an extended select list. You can make multiple selections using shift and control plus left clicks or cursor keys.

Commands only from menus :

Load : open an 'open file dialog' to load any of the following :

*.wav files

*.mp3 files

*.ogg (vorbis) files

*.m3u files (winamp playlist files)

*.m3v files (djmixpro playlist files)

Please note that loading always appends the songs to your playlist.

Save : saves the songs in the playlist with their current properties into a *.m3v file (djmixpro playlist files)

Options : opens the global options dialog

Statistics : displays songs statistics such as total songs time, ...

Obscure commands only from menus :

Stop sound output : stop the system sound output. In case the system sound output gets trashed, for a restart. Avoid using it unless it is really necessary.

Start sound output : restarts the system sound output.

Stop beatlock analysis : stops the background Beatlock analysis. Useful to save some CPU if Beatlock analysis is not wished at this moment.

Start beatlock analysis : resumes the Beatlock analysis that was stopped before.

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