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Setting the Windows sound mixer

Before you launch BPM wizard you have to adjust your windows sound mixer recording settings properly.

Run the mixer by double clicking on the mixer icon icon in the taskbar.

Select the properties option button in the options menu.

In the properties window, select the recording check button.

system mixer window

In the 'Show the following volume controls' list, select all devices on which you may want to use BPM Wizard. Usually, it is 'line in', 'compact disk' and 'loopback'. (You may have no loopback but maybe a different name if your card is full duplex or no loopback at all if your card is not full duplex ).

Click on OK.

Now the mixer dialog has 'Record' as title.

Recording options

Select the device on which you want to analyse the signal (music CD, Line in for cable audio input, or Loopback for the wave device).

Now your recording settings are ready for BPM Wizard to work.

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