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BPM Wizard screen

It is really simple to use :

1) Plug a HIFI, walkman, discman or whatever music device in the line in of your soundcard, or put a music CD in your computer
2) Play the music.
3) Run the sound mixer program to set your recording parameters to record the line in or the CD.
4) Run the BPMWizard and watch.

It first tries to guess the music BPM with a display like this. You MUST see the green signal behind the circle unless you unchecked the "show signal" menu item (from action menu). Not seeing the green signal means that BPM Wizard has silence in, and thus cannot determine BPM. You must go back to setting the Windows sound mixer if you seen no green signal.

Looking for rhythm

Once the BPM is locked (when the circle completes) the program is completely synchronized with the music and you can see it beat with the music. It might be difficult to synchronize with the music, so be patient, it can last between 8 and 30 seconds. Some music just won't synchronize. If you see a green signal and after 30 seconds the star still hasn't appeared, BPM Wizard just can't do it with this music.

In sync with beat In sync with beat

Here is a simulation of what the display look like when the beat is locked !

Animated star

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